How Do I Buy Bitcoin?

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How do I buy bitcoin?

We offer COD same day shipping through and if you are not comfortable with cryptocurrencies. If you want to send us payment through this website using Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum directly........................

Our addresses are the following:

Bitcoin: 39KuZdVuUKEHRpMZHYGd9BwWv9PWybKan2

Litecoin: MV2YLh49GkrzCaCQe1TkrnTLfCE7oPAAsW

If you do the math yourself (converting USD to Bitcoin), feel free to send payment directly to our wallet above and we will ship your order as soon as payment is received. We will send everyone that pays via bitcoin an email with the bitcoin total to send, based on the value of bitcoin for that day.****


Coinbase is another great company that makes it easy to buy and use cryptocurrencies. You'll sign up for an account, and you can buy your crypto using a credit/debit card AND/OR your PAYPAL account. Once you are singed up and you link your card, paypal account, or bank account, all you do is buy the amount you need for your order. Upon checkout you are given our wallet address. You can log in to your coinbase account, and simply send the amount of money needed for your order.

How do I buy without using Bitcoin?

On, we only accept digital currencies. If you want to buy our products w/o paying w/ cryptos, we still ship COD's (same day shipment), and money orders through or . All COD's are shipped same day if placed by 3 pm Central time. Pay the mail carrier at the time of delivery, or they will leave a slip you can then take to the post office to pay for and pick up your package.
Wholesale orders of 5 kg's+ of powdered material, or 1 kg+ of extract can pay with cryptos or via bank wire.